Engraving Bronze Nang

Nang with a sharp point

Tribe : Rian
Req. Level : 44
Attack : 84~90
Durability : 8024
Cost : 147,837 Dien
Sells for : 22,175 Dien
Sold at : Danduki

Can be refined to:
Engraving Bronze Nang+1
Drops From:
(40)Pu Rack
(40)Pu Rack
(66)Elite Drok
(72)Elite Eavoos
(77)Master Drok
(78)Elite Duintain
(84)Master Eavoos
(88)Champion Drok
(90)Elite Rombuac
(91)Master Duintain
(96)Champion Eavoos
(104)Champion Duintain
(105)Master Rombuac
(108)Elite Dungaipara
(110)Legendary Drok
(120)Champion Rombuac
(120)Legendary Eavoos
(126)Master Dungaipara
(130)Legendary Duintain
(144)Champion Dungaipara
(150)Legendary Rombuac
(180)Legendary Dungaipara
Refinement cost from to