Kiner Yelba-Na

Tribe : On-du Sham
Req. Level : 44
Attack : 38~43
Critical : 10
Durability : 8000
Cost : 174,600 Dien
Sells for : 26,190 Dien

Can be refined to:
Kiner Yelba-Na+1
Drops From:
(40)Pu Rack
(40)Pu Rack
(40)Purple Mangrott
(48)Elite Gyges
(48)Elite Silky
(54)Elite Rombuack
(56)Master Gyges
(56)Master Silky
(63)Master Rombuack
(64)Champion Gyges
(64)Champion Silky
(66)Elite Drok
(72)Champion Rombuack
(72)Elite Eavoos
(77)Master Drok
(78)Elite Duintain
(80)Legendary Gyges
(80)Legendary Silky
(84)Master Eavoos
(88)Champion Drok
(90)Elite Duamka
(90)Elite Rombuac
(90)Legendary Rombuack
(91)Master Duintain
(96)Champion Eavoos
(102)Elite Mangrove
(104)Champion Duintain
(105)Master Duamka
(105)Master Rombuac
(108)Elite Dungaipara
(110)Legendary Drok
(119)Master Mangrove
(120)Champion Duamka
(120)Champion Rombuac
(120)Legendary Eavoos
(126)Elite Shu-sham
(126)Master Dungaipara
(130)Legendary Duintain
(132)Elite Ara-ahn
(136)Champion Mangrove
(138)Elite Samarancha
(138)Elite Samaranta
(144)Champion Dungaipara
(147)Master Shu-sham
(150)Legendary Duamka
(150)Legendary Rombuac
(154)Master Ara-ahn
(161)Master Samarancha
(161)Master Samaranta
(168)Champion Shu-sham
(170)Legendary Mangrove
(176)Champion Ara-ahn
(180)Legendary Dungaipara
(184)Champion Samarancha
(184)Champion Samaranta
(210)Legendary Shu-sham
(220)Legendary Ara-ahn
(230)Legendary Samarancha
(230)Legendary Samaranta
Refinement cost from to