Blue Snake Boomerang

This boomerang has an engraved snaked

Tribe : Kanhoa
Req. Level : 44
Attack : 90~98
Critical : 1
Durability : 6912
Cost : 160,479 Dien
Sells for : 24,071 Dien
Sold at : Danduki

Can be refined to:
Blue Snake Boomerang+1
Drops From:
(40)Pu Rack
(40)Pu Rack
(66)Elite Drok
(72)Elite Eavoos
(77)Master Drok
(78)Elite Duintain
(84)Master Eavoos
(87)Elite Balit
(88)Champion Drok
(90)Elite Rombuac
(91)Master Duintain
(96)Champion Eavoos
(102)Elite Mangrove
(102)Master Balit
(104)Champion Duintain
(105)Master Rombuac
(110)Legendary Drok
(116)Champion Balit
(119)Master Mangrove
(120)Champion Rombuac
(120)Legendary Eavoos
(126)Elite Shu-sham
(130)Legendary Duintain
(132)Elite Ara-ahn
(136)Champion Mangrove
(138)Elite Samaranta
(146)Legendary Balit
(147)Master Shu-sham
(150)Legendary Rombuac
(154)Master Ara-ahn
(161)Master Samaranta
(168)Champion Shu-sham
(170)Legendary Mangrove
(176)Champion Ara-ahn
(184)Champion Samaranta
(210)Legendary Shu-sham
(220)Legendary Ara-ahn
(230)Legendary Samaranta
Refinement cost from to