Maooloon Hairlace

Maoloon-colored headband with strange engraving

Tribe : On-du Sham
Req. Level : 78
Defense : 11
Durability : 14500
Cost : 163,000 Dien
Sells for : 24,450 Dien

Can be refined to:
Maooloon Hairlace+1
Drops From:
(80)Elemental Overlord
(87)Elite Balit
(100)Ghost Warrior
(100)Ghost Warrior
(102)Master Balit
(116)Champion Balit
(120)Elite Ghost Warrior
(128)Maoo gyges
(132)Elite Balrak
(140)Master Ghost Warrior
(146)Legendary Balit
(150)Anger Kalakhina
(150)Lord Wiseong
(153)Elite Maoo gyges
(154)Master Balrak
(160)Champion Ghost Warrior
(176)Champion Balrak
(179)Master Maoo gyges
(200)Legendary Ghost Warrior
(204)Champion Maoo gyges
(220)Legendary Balrak
(256)Legendary Maoo gyges
Refinement cost from to