Tashuna Upper Armor

Made for Lord Kalakhina by Tashuna, this armor mixes metal scales with Mangrove scales.

Tribe : Rian
Req. Level : 60
Defense : 16
Durability : 16500
Cost : 102,335 Dien
Sells for : 15,350 Dien

Can be refined to:
Tashuna Upper Armor+1
Drops From:
(80)Elemental Overlord
(90)Elite Duamtau
(105)Master Duamtau
(108)Elite Dungaipara
(120)Champion Duamtau
(126)Master Dungaipara
(138)Elite Samarancha
(138)Elite Samaranta
(144)Champion Dungaipara
(150)Anger Kalakhina
(150)Legendary Duamtau
(150)Lord Wiseong
(161)Master Samarancha
(161)Master Samaranta
(180)Legendary Dungaipara
(184)Champion Samarancha
(184)Champion Samaranta
(230)Legendary Samarancha
(230)Legendary Samaranta
Refinement cost from to