Peacock Upper Armor+3

This defensive armor has the spirit of peacock within, So it is very hard to be refined by humans.

Tribe : Kanhoa
Req. Level : 121
Defense : 24
Durability : 27500
Cost : 410,000 Dien
Sells for : 61,500 Dien
Effect : Strength +4
Sense +3

Refined from Peacock Upper Armor+2
3xA Piece of Elephant leather
3xA Piece of Leather
2xLump of Iron
2xLump of Silver
2xPeacock Feather
Cost : 88,000 Dien
Refine chance : 99%
Refined at : Danduki

Can be refined to:
Peacock Upper Armor+4
Refinement cost from to