Loonba Upper Garment

After many applications of dyes and bleaches, this armor can block scorching desert sun

Tribe : On-du Sham
Req. Level : 60
Defense : 9
Durability : 12000
Cost : 101,500 Dien
Sells for : 15,225 Dien

Can be refined to:
Loonba Upper Garment+1
Drops From:
(48)Elite Gyges
(48)Elite Silky
(56)Master Gyges
(56)Master Silky
(64)Champion Gyges
(64)Champion Silky
(80)Elemental Overlord
(80)Legendary Gyges
(80)Legendary Silky
(84)Elite Duvalic
(90)Elite Duamtam
(90)Elite Duamtau
(90)Elite Rombuac
(98)Master Duvalic
(105)Master Duamtam
(105)Master Duamtau
(105)Master Rombuac
(108)Elite Dungaipara
(112)Champion Duvalic
(120)Champion Duamtam
(120)Champion Duamtau
(120)Champion Rombuac
(126)Master Dungaipara
(138)Elite Samarancha
(138)Elite Samaranta
(140)Legendary Duvalic
(144)Champion Dungaipara
(150)Anger Kalakhina
(150)Legendary Duamtam
(150)Legendary Duamtau
(150)Legendary Rombuac
(150)Lord Wiseong
(161)Master Samarancha
(161)Master Samaranta
(180)Legendary Dungaipara
(184)Champion Samarancha
(184)Champion Samaranta
(230)Legendary Samarancha
(230)Legendary Samaranta
Refinement cost from to