Attribute :None
Level :150
Movement :None
HP :1,500
HP regen :30 HP/sec
EXP :6,000
Dien drop :5,000 ~ 20,000 Dien

This monster will disappear after 10 minutes.

Can Drop:
1xMysterious Powder of Kanar2xViol's Eye

3xViol's Eye1xViol's Eye+1

1xHeart of Eternity2xHeart of Eternity

10xHealing Potion+210xMana Potion+2

20xLump of Silver15xLump of Silver

3xLump of Gold3xLump of Gold

2xMysterious Powder of Kanar5xScroll(Forest of Chaos)

5xScroll(Entrance of Swamp)5xScroll(Fury of Mankut)



5xScroll(Forest of Darkness)3xMysterious Powder of Kanar

1xViol's Eye5xScroll(Swamp of Death)

2xViol's Eye+15xScroll(Rian Village)

1xParamara1xMysterious Powder of Kanar

2xViol's Eye3xViol's Eye

1xViol's Eye+11xHeart of Eternity

2xHeart of Eternity10xHealing Potion+2

10xMana Potion+220xLump of Silver

15xLump of Silver3xLump of Gold

3xLump of Gold2xMysterious Powder of Kanar

5xScroll(Forest of Chaos)5xScroll(Entrance of Swamp)

5xScroll(Fury of Mankut)5xScroll(Yerden)


1xLoontabara5xScroll(Forest of Darkness)

3xMysterious Powder of Kanar1xViol's Eye

5xScroll(Swamp of Death)2xViol's Eye+1

5xScroll(Rian Village)1xParamara