Attribute :Ohra
Level :200
Movement :Moderate
HP :4,000,000
HP regen :100 HP/sec
EXP :520,000
Minimum defense :700
No crit. defense :850
Minimum damage :350 HP
Attack speed :1.3 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :455 HP/sec
Dien drop :3,000,000 ~ 6,000,000 Dien

If you kill this monster you'll receive 10 HP
This monster respawns after 15 minutes.

- Noraphat

Can Drop:
1xSaphire1xEye of Darkness

2xHai-ring L9(+2)1xRuby

1xGold Gem1xDiamond

2xViol's Eye+31xBook of Dave

1xStone of Alignment1xSaphire

1xEye of Darkness2xHai-ring L9(+2)

1xRuby1xGold Gem

1xDiamond2xViol's Eye+3

1xBook of Dave1xStone of Alignment