(200)Mutant Hornet
Attribute :Ohra
Level :200
Movement :Moderate
HP :90,000
HP regen :100 HP/sec
EXP :89,000
Minimum defense :550
No crit. defense :600
Minimum damage :85 HP
Attack speed :1 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :85 HP/sec
Dien drop :6,500 ~ 50,000 Dien

If you kill this monster you'll receive 10 HP

- Noraphat

Can transform into:
0.21% Chance to turn into:1x(200)Ankle Biter Elite
0.21% Chance to turn into:1x(200)Mutant Toad Elite
0.43% Chance to turn into:1x(200)Mutant Spider Elite

Can Drop:
1xRough Lead1xBuffalo Leather

1xHai-ring L71xHai-ring L7

1xHorn of Cow1xSteel Bar

1xLump of Zinc1xViol's Eye+2

1xHorn of Buffalo1xCopper Bar

1xLump of Tin1xHealing Potion+3

1xRed Leather1xRed Linen

1xMalusa Upper Garment1xRed Linen

1xRed Leather1xLump of Zinc

1xRough Lead1xHorn of Buffalo

1xBuffalo Leather1xMalusa Hairlace