(42)Master Mushacha
Attribute :Mir
Level :42
Movement :Moderate
HP :504
HP regen :20 HP/sec
EXP :259
Minimum defense :55
No crit. defense :168
Minimum damage :4 HP
Attack speed :1.3 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :5.2 HP/sec
Dien drop :4 ~ 250 Dien

Can transform into:
17.5% Chance to turn into:1x(28)Tamura
7.48% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Lao-hai
0.03% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Turana

Can Drop:
1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xSueren Upper Garment

1xLeather Mantle1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xPompon1xMelpha Plume Cap

1xCloth Headband1xBamboo Helmet

1xLeather Helmet1xSueren Hairlace

1xManobeads Hairlace1xLeather Upper Armor

1xLizard Leather Upper Armor1xCloth Upper Garment

1xBamboo Upper Armor1xManobeads Upper Garment

1xFulliya Upper Garment1xLeather Gauntlet

1xCloth Glove1xBamboo Gauntlet

1xLeather Gauntlet1xSueren Bracelet

1xManobeads Sleeve1xFulliya Sleeve

1xQuilted Mantle1xBamboo Mantle

1xBamboo Mantle1xManobeads Cape

1xFulliya Cape1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xLeather Upper Armor1xWhite Oak Mantle

1xBeast Shard1xViol Plume Cap

1xCloth Bracer1xFulliya Hairlace

1xQuilted upper garment1xLizard Leather Gauntlet

1xEmbroidery Mantle1xFeather of Hawk+1

1xLump of Silver1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xFeather of Hawk1xRing of Mushacha(Ohra)

1xLump of Gold1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xStone of Water

1xStone of Fire1xCuspid of Buya

1xCuspid of Buya+11xA wooden Doll

1xA Wooden Doll+11xBlood of Vina

1xBlood of Vina+11xBlood of Vina+2

1xSeed of Yen1xSeed of Yen+1

1xSeed of Yen+21xViol's Eye+1

1xRing of Mushacha(Yelba)1xRing of Mushacha(Tar)

1xRing of Mushacha(Mir)1xWhite Thread

1xBlue Thread1xA Piece of Cloth

1xBlue Pebble1xRed Pebble

1xLump of Gold3xLump of Gold

3xLump of Gold1xHorn

1xA Piece of Leather1xStone of Wind

1xFeather of Hawk+23xLump of Gold

1xCuspid of Buya+21xBlack Thread

1xA wooden Doll+2