(190)Red Ant
Attribute :Yelba
Level :190
Movement :Fast
HP :99,000
HP regen :175 HP/sec
EXP :102,000
Minimum defense :650
No crit. defense :700
Minimum damage :85 HP
Attack speed :0.8 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :68 HP/sec
Dien drop :10,000 ~ 40,000 Dien

Can transform from:
(180)Black Ant

Can transform into:
9% Chance to turn into:1x(200)Elite Red Ant
1% Chance to turn into:1x(220)Turana Kormoon

Can Drop:
1xAnt Body +31xAnt Body

1xAnt Body +11xAnt Body +2

1xAnt Body +41xAnt Body +5

1xAnt Body +61xTaeng Pants

1xTaeng Gauntlet1xTaeng Boots

1xAnt Body1xAnt Body +2

1xAnt Body +61xSnail Shell

1xSnail Shell +21xSnail Shell +3

1xSnail Shell +41xAnt Body +1