(150)Red Turan
Attribute :Ohra
Level :150
Movement :None
HP :225
HP regen :3 HP/sec
EXP :5
Minimum defense :4
No crit. defense :22
Minimum damage :1 HP
Attack speed :1.2 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :1.2 HP/sec
Dien drop :1 ~ 100 Dien

If you kill this monster you'll receive 30 HP

- Yerden / Kine Desert

Can transform into:
7.5% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Lo-hai
2.5% Chance to turn into:2x(150)Lo-hai

Can Drop:
5xFruit of Turan(Healing)1xFruit of Turan+1(Healing)

3xFruit of Turan(Healing)3xFruit of Turan+1(Healing)

1xFruit of Turan(Healing)2xWhite Thread

1xWhite Thread1xYellow Thread

2xYellow Thread2xRed thread

1xBlue Thread1xBlack Thread

1xLump of Gold3xLump of Gold

1xScroll(Rian Village)1xScroll(Forest of Darkness)

1xRed thread1xScroll(Yerden)

2xBlue Thread1xRed Pebble

2xBlack Thread1xScroll(Yerden)