Mona Dart

This legendary dart was made based on lunar spirit.

Tribe : Rian
Req. Level : 120
Attack : 164~191
Critical : 6
Durability : 12700
Cost : 490,000 Dien
Sells for : 73,500 Dien

Can be refined to:
Mona Dart+1
Drops From:
(131)Gyges chief
(145)Death warrior
(157)Elite Gyges chief
(160)Guard wasp
(174)Elite Death warrior
(180)Elite Kumu
(183)Master Gyges chief
(192)Elite Guard wasp
(203)Master Death warrior
(209)Champion Gyges chief
(210)Master Kumu
(224)Master Guard wasp
(232)Champion Death warrior
(240)Champion Kumu
(256)Champion Guard wasp
(262)Legendary Gyges chief
(290)Legendary Death warrior
(300)Legendary Kumu
(320)Legendary Guard wasp
Refinement cost from to