(2)Legendary Pora
Attribute :None
Level :2
Movement :Slow
HP :24
EXP :12
Minimum defense :12
No crit. defense :12
Minimum damage :1 HP
Attack speed :0.8 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :0.8 HP/sec
Dien drop :40 ~ 500 Dien

This monster will disappear after 83 minutes.

Can transform into:
9.6% Chance to turn into:1x(1)Karam
6.4% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Lo-hai

Can Drop:
3xA Piece of Cloth2xSeed of Yen

2xA Piece of Wood2xRed thread

2xWhite Thread2xBlue Thread

2xStone of Earth2xBlood of Vina

2xBlack Thread2xSnake's Scale

2xYellow Thread2xFeather of Hawk