Feather of Hawk

Hawk's feather, makes bearer faster and more agile

Req. Level : 5
Cost : 34 Dien
Sells for : 5 Dien
Effect : Dexterity +1

Can be refined to:
Feather of Hawk(Mir)
Drops From:
(1)Black Dog
(1)Black Horse
(1)Black Vulture
(1)Blood Vulture
(1)Champion Pora
(1)Champion Warmcher
(1)Dek Narok
(1)Elite Pora
(1)Elite Warmcher
(1)G Pig
(1)Gold Lizard
(1)Gold Scorpion
(1)Green Snake
(1)Horse Crab
(1)Horse Man
(1)Man Zombie
(1)Master Pora
(1)Master Warmcher
(1)Mutant Buffalo
(1)Mutant Cow
(1)Mutant Dog
(1)Mutant Snake
(1)Mutant Tiger White
(1)Mutant Tiger Yellow
(1)Mutant Wasp
(1)Parma Bow Lv1
(1)Parma Spear Lv1
(1)Parma Spear Lv2
(1)Parma Sword Lv1
(1)Parma Sword Lv2
(1)Parma Sword Lv3
(1)Red Crow
(1)Shell Blue
(1)Shell Red
(1)Test 1
(1)Test 2
(1)The Eye Black
(1)The Eye Blue
(1)The Eye Green
(1)The Eye Orange
(1)The Eye Red
(1)The Eye White
(1)The Eye Yellow
(1)White Dog
(1)White Elephant
(1)White Tiger
(1)Woman Zombie
(1)Worm HP
(1)Worm HP Horn
(1)Worm MP
(1)Worm MP Horn
(1)Yellow Mangrott
(2)Legendary Pora
(2)Legendary Warmcher
(6)Elite Popo
(7)Elite Raiwarmcher
(7)Master Popo
(8)Champion Popo
(8)Master Raiwarmcher
(9)Champion Raiwarmcher
(10)Curse cock
(10)Legendary Popo
(12)Elite Curse cock
(12)Legendary Raiwarmcher
(14)Elite Maiwarmcher
(14)Master Curse cock
(16)Champion Curse cock
(16)Master Maiwarmcher
(17)Dark Popo
(19)Champion Maiwarmcher
(20)Elite Dark Popo
(20)Legendary Curse cock
(23)Master Dark Popo
(27)Champion Dark Popo
(30)Elite Nurantu
(34)Legendary Dark Popo
(35)Master Nurantu
(36)Elite Mushacha
(36)Elite Mushana
(40)Champion Nurantu
(40)Purple Mangrott
(42)Master Mushacha
(42)Master Mushana
(48)Champion Mushacha
(48)Champion Mushana
(50)Legendary Nurantu
(54)Elite Rombuack
(60)Legendary Mushacha
(60)Legendary Mushana
(63)Master Rombuack
(66)Elite Drok
(72)Champion Rombuack
(77)Master Drok
(88)Champion Drok
(90)Elite Rombuac
(90)Legendary Rombuack
(105)Master Rombuac
(110)Legendary Drok
(120)Champion Rombuac
(120)Spectral Overlord
(150)Legendary Rombuac