Attribute :None
Level :150
Movement :Fast
HP :550
HP regen :2 HP/sec
EXP :1,400
Minimum defense :1
No crit. defense :26
Minimum damage :5 HP
Attack speed :1 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :5 HP/sec
Dien drop :1,000 ~ 2,600 Dien

If you kill this monster you'll receive 100 MP
This monster will disappear after 35 seconds.

Can transform from:
(180)Elite Kang-hi
(210)Master Kang-hi
(240)Champion Kang-hi
(300)Legendary Kang-hi

Can transform into:
5% Chance to turn into:2x(150)Dark-hai
5% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Dark-hai