(30)Maoo Hiack
Attribute :Ohra
Level :30
Movement :Moderate
HP :1,260
HP regen :22 HP/sec
EXP :180
Minimum defense :82
No crit. defense :97
Minimum damage :4 HP
Attack speed :0.7 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :2.8 HP/sec
Dien drop :15 ~ 130 Dien

- Entrance of Swamp- Forest of Chaos

Can transform into:
20% Chance to turn into:1x(1)Turu
4.98% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Sutu-hai
0.03% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Turana

Can Drop:
1xBamboo Boots1xBlue Part Decorated Sword

1xLizard Leather Skirt1xLeather Boots

1xSharp Stone Point Dagger1xLeather Boots

1xManobeads Cape1xSteel Boomerang

1xManobeads Sleeve1xLizard Leather Boots

1xBamboo Mantle1xEmbroidery Mantle

1xLizard Leather Mantle1xWhite Oak Mantle

1xBamboo Mantle1xLeather Mantle

1xWater-Buffalo Shield1xHorn of Bat Shield

1xSharp Stone Point Bamboo Nang1xPoint Stone Wooden Nang

1xSteel Sword1xTorch Decorated Stone Point Dagger

1xBat Horn Boomerang1xPoint Wooden Dart

1xSaw Wooden Dart1xAcacia Bow

1xLeather Wooden Bow1xLao Sharm-Ohra

1xBamboo Helmet1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xPogpal Shard1xViol Plume Cap

1xManobeads Hairlace1xLizard Leather Upper Armor

1xBamboo Upper Armor1xLeather Upper Armor

1xLeather Skirt1xBamboo Pants

1xLeather Pants1xManobeads Skirt

1xLeather Gauntlet1xBamboo Gauntlet

1xLizard Leather Gauntlet1xSutulus Tar-Na

1xMelpha Plume Cap1xLeather Helmet

1xLeather Gauntlet1xWhite Oak Shield

1xLeather Upper Armor1xWhite Oak Upper Armor

1xManobeads Boots1xSutu Yelba-Na

1xBamboo Shield1xFeather of Hawk+1

3xLump of Gold1xBlack Thread

1xA Piece of Sharkskin1xMustache of Danki+1

1xRed thread1xRed Pebble

1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xViol's Eye

1xCuspid of Buya+11xViol's Eye+1

1xTears of Red Muru1xWhite Thread

1xYellow Thread1xBlue Thread

1xA Piece of Cloth1xA Piece of Leather

1xBlue Pebble1xLump of Iron

1xLump of Silver3xLump of Gold

1xHorn3xLump of Gold

3xLump of Gold1xA Piece of Axis-Deer's leather