Manobeads Boots

Crushed Mano beads yield the dye used to color this armor

Tribe : On-du Sham
Req. Level : 19
Defense : 3
Durability : 1100
Cost : 6,500 Dien
Sells for : 975 Dien
Sold at : Shataram

Can be refined to:
Manobeads Boots+1
Drops From:
(1)Champion Warmcher
(1)Elite Warmcher
(1)Master Warmcher
(6)Elite Popo
(7)Elite Raiwarmcher
(7)Master Popo
(8)Champion Popo
(8)Master Raiwarmcher
(9)Champion Raiwarmcher
(10)Curse cock
(10)Legendary Popo
(12)Elite Curse cock
(12)Legendary Raiwarmcher
(14)Elite Maiwarmcher
(14)Master Curse cock
(16)Champion Curse cock
(16)Elite Hiack
(16)Master Maiwarmcher
(17)Dark Popo
(18)Elite Kati
(19)Champion Maiwarmcher
(19)Master Hiack
(20)Elite Dark Popo
(20)Legendary Curse cock
(21)Master Kati
(21)Ravan Hiack
(22)Champion Hiack
(23)Master Dark Popo
(24)Champion Kati
(25)Elite Ravan Hiack
(27)Champion Dark Popo
(28)Legendary Hiack
(29)Master Ravan Hiack
(30)Elite Nurantu
(30)Maoo Hiack
(33)Champion Ravan Hiack
(34)Legendary Dark Popo
(35)Ice Mushacha
(35)Master Nurantu
(36)Elite Maoo Hiack
(40)Champion Nurantu
(42) Master Maoo Hiack
(42)Elite Ice Mushacha
(42)Legendary Ravan Hiack
(48)Champion Maoo Hiack
(49)Master Ice Mushacha
(50)Legendary Nurantu
(56)Champion Ice Mushacha
(60)Legendary Maoo Hiack
(70)Legendary Ice Mushacha
(78)Elite Shamatar
(91)Master Shamatar
(104)Champion Shamatar
(130)Legendary Shamatar
Refinement cost from to