Attribute :None
Level :1
Movement :Slow
HP :12
EXP :6
Minimum defense :6
No crit. defense :6
Minimum damage :1 HP
Attack speed :0.8 Atk/sec
Damage/Sec :0.8 HP/sec
Dien drop :40 ~ 70 Dien

- Forest of Darkness

Can transform into:
9.6% Chance to turn into:1x(1)Karam
6.4% Chance to turn into:1x(150)Lo-hai

Can Drop:
1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xWooden Boomerang

1xCloth Glove1xSueren Bracelet

1xStone Point Bamboo Nang1xBamboo Bow

1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xQuilted upper garment1xCloth Upper Garment

1xSueren Upper Garment1xQuilted Skirt

1xCloth Pants1xCloth Bracer

1xBamboo Bracer1xWhite Oak Gauntlet

1xCloth Boots1xBamboo Boots

1xWhite Oak Boots1xQuilted Mantle

1xRed-Buffalo Leather Shield1xBamboo Nang

1xStone Sword1xWater Buffalo Horn Sword

1xLoon Yelba-Na1xWooden Shortsword

1xPoint Stone Dagger1xBone Boomerang

1xShapa Tar-Na1xStone

1xWooden Dart1xKen Sharm-Ohra

1xPompon1xSueren Boots

1xWillow Bow1xSueren Hairlace

1xSueren Skirt1xCloth Boots

1xCloth Headband1xBlood of Vina

1xBlue Pebble1xA Piece of Leather

1xHorn1xSeed of Yen+1

1xSnake's Scale1xYellow Thread

1xRed thread1xA Piece of Wood

1xStone of Water1xSeed of Yen

1xLump of Gold1xBlack Thread

1xStone of Fire1xCuspid of Buya

1xHai-ring L3(+1)1xBlue Thread

1xViol's Eye1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xLump of Iron1xA wooden Doll

1xStone of Wind1xStone of Earth

1xWhite Thread1xHai-ring L3(+1)

1xFeather of Hawk1xA Piece of Cloth