Mushroom Point Stone Dart

This dart has a mushroom tip, designed to inflict great wounds

Tribe : Rian
Req. Level : 29
Attack : 26~41
Critical : 3
Durability : 1962
Cost : 23,558 Dien
Sells for : 3,533 Dien
Sold at : Danduki

Can be refined to:
Mushroom Point Stone Dart+1
Drops From:
(36)Elite Rockshun
(40)Pu Rack
(40)Pu Rack
(40)Purple Mangrott
(42)Master Rockshun
(45)Elite Jabak
(48)Champion Rockshun
(48)Elite Gyges
(53)Master Jabak
(54)Elite Rombuack
(56)Master Gyges
(60)Champion Jabak
(60)Legendary Rockshun
(63)Master Rombuack
(64)Champion Gyges
(66)Elite Drok
(72)Champion Rombuack
(72)Elite Eavoos
(76)Legendary Jabak
(77)Master Drok
(78)Elite Duintain
(78)Elite Shamatar
(80)Legendary Gyges
(84)Master Eavoos
(88)Champion Drok
(90)Elite Duamtau
(90)Legendary Rombuack
(91)Master Duintain
(91)Master Shamatar
(96)Champion Eavoos
(104)Champion Duintain
(104)Champion Shamatar
(105)Master Duamtau
(110)Legendary Drok
(120)Champion Duamtau
(120)Legendary Eavoos
(130)Legendary Duintain
(130)Legendary Shamatar
(150)Legendary Duamtau
Refinement cost from to