Mutation Scale

Slippery, yet widely used in refinement

Cost : 10,000 Dien
Sells for : 1,500 Dien

Can be refined to:
Mutation Scale(Yelba)
Mutation Scale(Tar)
Mutation Scale(Ohra)
Mutation Scale(Mir)
Drops From:
(139)King Giant
(141)Black Kang-hi
(158)Soldier wasp
(160)Guard wasp
(164)Elite Giant
(166)Elite King Giant
(175)Nayaparam Babylord
(189)Elite Soldier wasp
(191)Master Giant
(192)Elite Guard wasp
(194)Master King Giant
(219)Champion Giant
(221)Master Soldier wasp
(222)Champion King Giant
(224)Master Guard wasp
(252)Champion Soldier wasp
(256)Champion Guard wasp
(274)Legendary Giant
(278)Legendary King Giant
(316)Legendary Soldier wasp
(320)Legendary Guard wasp
Refinement cost from to