Racaoo Helmet

Fashioned to look like a Racaoo

Tribe : Kanhoa
Req. Level : 105
Defense : 15
Durability : 18500
Cost : 350,000 Dien
Sells for : 52,500 Dien

Can be refined to:
Racaoo Helmet+1
Drops From:
(87)Elite Balit
(100)Ghost Warrior
(100)Ghost Warrior
(102)Master Balit
(116)Champion Balit
(120)Elite Ghost Warrior
(120)Spectral Overlord
(125)Ravan gyges
(140)Master Ghost Warrior
(146)Legendary Balit
(150)Elite Ravan gyges
(160)Champion Ghost Warrior
(175)Master Ravan gyges
(178)Elite Karacka
(200)Champion Ravan gyges
(200)Legendary Ghost Warrior
(208)Master Karacka
(238)Champion Karacka
(250)Legendary Ravan gyges
(298)Legendary Karacka
Refinement cost from to